Book Four



The White Armor Ball by elecktrum

On Christmas Eve valor is tested, gifts are given, and an ancient Narnian tradition is renewed.


In the Lap of the Gods by elecktrum

If you were offered a chance to learn about the future, would you take it?


Singing Paeans to the Stars: The Fox on the Left by ilysia


Eye of the Beholder by elecktrum

Told from various points of view, this is the story of two battles: one against a ruthless enemy, the other to save the life of the High King.


Halcyon by elecktrum

On a perfect day in a golden age, a Gentle Queen guards her brother’s sleep.


How Queen Susan Settled the Marshwiggle Revolt by cofax

If the Marsh-Wiggles had not kidnapped Edmund, and then sent a nonsensical demand to Cair Paravel, Susan would not now be wishing for Peter to be slogging through the midnight mud instead.


The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by elecktrum

At the end of a day of sailing, King Edmund tells the tale as to why Caspian’s ship bears the name of Dawn Treader.


Golden Fire by Thalion King’s Daughter

Caspian the Conquerer was not the first Telmarine who invaded Narnia. “Listen to the children…and do not lay a finger on the Silver Crown, for they know the consequences of harming the brother of the High King”


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