Book Seven



Beautiful Serpent by Andi Horton

A lifetime of choices has led her to this moment. To her death. And yet, looking back, she finds she wouldn’t change a thing. Ramandu’s daughter remembers.


Kings College by Faithfulpurelight

What does a sovereign do when his High King leaves for university?


Worst Possible Outcome by EstellaB

Puddleglum, to his mixed pleasure and distress, finds something that he cannot possibly put a Brave Face on.


As You Were by Argentus

“And to remember Caspian as he was the morning we captured the Lone Islands, or in the fight with the Sea Serpent…it’s worse than coming back and finding him dead.”


Any Mortal Can Bear by ilysia

He looked at her- queen-killer and mother-slayer and serpent and enchantress- and the only doom he could pronounce was his own. Rilian meets the silver chair.


Flickers in the Dark by Argentus

On the dreary sunless sea of Underland, Jill and Eustace patch some things up.


Under Cover by rthstewart

For months and years, however they were counted, on a flat world or a round one, Jill Pole was always by his side and had his back.


Sing Down the Stars by Snacky8

Rilian returns to Narnia, and his story begins.


Verdant Enchantment by Lirenel

King Rilian was rather tired of people believing that “disenchanted” meant “about to crack at any moment.”


Of Mothers, Marshwiggles, and Burnt Cookies by King Caspian the Seafarer

When both the Pevensies and Jill Pole are invited to the Scrubb’s place for dinner, curious conversations and somewhat humorous events are the result.


Needing a Knife by Elanor Joy

Eustace has decided he needs a knife and Jill unwillingly comes along to help him purchase one.


The Place by lurkisblurkis

“The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing to find the place where all the beauty came from.” Lucy, Jill, Eustace, a theatre, a powder room, a broken shoe, and philosophy.


In Stony Places by songsmith

It isn’t exactly a voyage to the end of the world, but it’s a journey all the same.


And So the End Begins by elecktrum

A week before the fatal train accident, Edmund experiences a loss that only his brother can understand.


Singing Paeans to the Stars: Just a Shadow by ilysia


Phileo Se by Petraverd

Tirian and Jewel prove the strength of their friendship in the midst of battle.


Cartographilia by Argentus

Jill and some disastrous Geography…Eustace and some peculiar biology.


The Smell of Ozone by King Caspian the Seafarer

Whilst gathering Wild Fresney during their visit to Narnia in LB, Jill and Eustace have a discussion on science, and what it can and can’t explain.


Think of Me by King Caspian the Seafarer

Think of me, Boy, when you lie old and weak and dying, and remember how you threw away the chance of endless youth!” As Digory lies old and weak and dying in the aftermath of the Train Wreck, he remembers.


Autumn Leaves by Lirenel

A conversation between a sister and brother on an autumn’s day.


As I Love the Mouse by songsmith

She doesn’t think she’s doing it right, but she doesn’t know what else to do.


Living Years by EstellaB

Thirty years after The Crash, Alberta Scrubb rereads an unsent letter, remembers, and regrets.


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