Harry Potter Goes to Church


I think the title is kinda dull, but I suppose others might find it highly problematic.

This is not the post where I will talk about Christian themes in Harry Potter. But it is the post where I recommend a fanfiction which has Harry Potter do exactly that. And Ginny gets baptized, in the middle of winter, outside. Ginny thanks God for waterproof warming charms.

The stories are The Letters of Summer and Stories from Sixth (and Seventh) Year by kokopelli. I saw these stories recommended on a rec list with the note(/warning) that they contained Christian themes, which intrigued me. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like it, and nearly skipped out on it. I dislike when people turn the source-world into something else, importing a lot of things into it which don’t really make sense. I mean, Harry Potter is the main character of The Letters of Summer, but other than that it did not have very much connection at all to the world of JKR. I also dislike a bad!Dumbledore (though kokopelli’s is mostly just hapless), and useless!Ron (but he’s not that bad in this) and bonded!Ginny.

For some reason, I stayed with it, even though I wasn’t sure where the Christian themes were for a while, and I didn’t really see where the plot was going. In the end I was really into it, and was sad that kokopelli wrote these stories in more “snapshots” instead of a full story arc. Finally, at the end, I realized why I liked it so much: it reminded me of Lewis’s Space Trilogy. Upon realizing this I understood that, while kokopelli had introduced foreign concepts, I liked the foreign concepts, hence I liked the fic. And yes, it remains my one and only exception to the rule.

Harry Potter is Ransom, and he goes to Church. And after reading this you’ll re-read the HP books assuming that it’s not too weird.



When Legolas met Aslan


I usually hate crossover fanfiction. I mean, admit it, most people can barely understand how one universe works, much less two. And then making them mesh? Disastrous, with a capital D. Plus, I tend to avoid Legolas-centric fics. Not only are they usually a pit of squeeing fangirls of Orlando Bloom in long blond hair, but I’m quite sensitive to this subject since I have always preferred archery over swordplay. Hence, during college I was classified with “them” and my roommate made an awful manip of  the two of us, complete with a speech bubble in which Legolas declared his love for me, and then put it on our dorm room door. All considering, I think I got off light, since at the time she was in the midst of an extreme fascination with Snape. Though she never became a Snape-wife, I would have killed her.

So it was with much trepidation that I began reading The Blades of Eru by Ilada’Jefiv. Not only does it have Legolas in it, but it drops him into the middle of the narrative of LWW, and not just any LWW, but the Disney version. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Legolas is book-Legolas, who speaks elvish and does magic and is completely annoyed when people mistake him for being human. And Jadis? A Maiar. It’s weird, but it works. It’s just over 42k words. And yes, Legolas does meet Aslan, but I won’t ruin that surprise.

Why Uncle Andrew Couldn’t Hear the Animals Speak


There’s an interesting article at Narnia Web, Why Uncle Andrew Couldn’t Hear the Animals Speak by Kevin Kinghorn. As the title makes clear, it explores why Uncle Andrew could only hear the newly-created animals bark and growl, even after Aslan had given them speech. Through virtue epistemology Kinghorn notes how Lewis intersects knowledge, belief, and faith throughout the Chronicles.

I found it to be an excellent read, and though I’m not sure Lewis meant to present virtue epistemology, it doesn’t matter (since all good philosophy is true to real life anyways, even if we don’t know about). Though it raised an interesting point for me: could Uncle Andrew be the only example of someone who only hears animal noises when they meet a Talking Animal? Bree and Hwin say that they don’t speak, and certainly most Calormenes are aware that Narnian Animals can talk. But what about the Telmarines? They are afraid of “the woods” and perhaps some of this fear comes from the sort of thing Kinghorn speaks about. They refuse to believe that animals can talk, hence they mistake language for aggression, and this furthers their fear of “ghosts.” Caspian is the exception, perhaps because of the influence of his nurse and teacher, and hence mentally allows for the idea of Talking Animals, which allows him to accept it.

My only criticism of the article is that it touches on belief only briefly, and I think this was one of Lewis’s main themes, the things that keep someone from belief. But I think the author knows that, but instead to approach it from a different angle, and I therefore recommend the article without reservation.



The very secret diary of Edmund Pevensie


I do believe that it was Cassandra Claire (do not even get me started :rage!: ) who first wrote the fanfiction genre of “Very Secret Diaries.” She, at least, made it immensely popular with her funny re-tellings of The Lord of the Rings in this format, which can be found here (warning: those holding The Lord of the Rings as sacrosanct will be completely horrified by reading those stories).

I was pleased to find a Narnia version of this genre, and since I don’t mean to be all gloomy and angsty and full of criticism all the time, I am pleased to share the stories which made me laugh. As the title makes clear, this is Edmund’s secret diary (a good choice for this genre), and it only covers movie-verse LWW and PC.

The very secret diary of Edmund Pevensie by Tau’ri42