Harry Potter Goes to Church


I think the title is kinda dull, but I suppose others might find it highly problematic.

This is not the post where I will talk about Christian themes in Harry Potter. But it is the post where I recommend a fanfiction which has Harry Potter do exactly that. And Ginny gets baptized, in the middle of winter, outside. Ginny thanks God for waterproof warming charms.

The stories are The Letters of Summer and Stories from Sixth (and Seventh) Year by kokopelli. I saw these stories recommended on a rec list with the note(/warning) that they contained Christian themes, which intrigued me. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like it, and nearly skipped out on it. I dislike when people turn the source-world into something else, importing a lot of things into it which don’t really make sense. I mean, Harry Potter is the main character of The Letters of Summer, but other than that it did not have very much connection at all to the world of JKR. I also dislike a bad!Dumbledore (though kokopelli’s is mostly just hapless), and useless!Ron (but he’s not that bad in this) and bonded!Ginny.

For some reason, I stayed with it, even though I wasn’t sure where the Christian themes were for a while, and I didn’t really see where the plot was going. In the end I was really into it, and was sad that kokopelli wrote these stories in more “snapshots” instead of a full story arc. Finally, at the end, I realized why I liked it so much: it reminded me of Lewis’s Space Trilogy. Upon realizing this I understood that, while kokopelli had introduced foreign concepts, I liked the foreign concepts, hence I liked the fic. And yes, it remains my one and only exception to the rule.

Harry Potter is Ransom, and he goes to Church. And after reading this you’ll re-read the HP books assuming that it’s not too weird.